In this two part project, students will learn professional hand building techniques to create pinch pots with real pottery clay.


Students will have the option to create a traditional straight edge pot, or mold their pot into a shape of their choice. We've seen our students mold their pots into heart, flower, and geometric shapes in this class!

Students pieces will be fired in a pottery kiln twice. The first firing will take place after our first class to turn hand build pieces into bisque form pottery. The second firing will take place after our second class when students paint their pinch pots with true ceramic glaze. 

pinch pots



a professional pottery experience

In this experimental mixed media art project, students will use eco friendly water based spray paint and blue painters tape to design a multi-dimensional, geometric vinyl record!

Students will be shown how to create a variety of shapes and patterns with their tape, but each student will be encouraged to bring their own unique design to life in their artwork.

IMG_4178 4.HEIC

spray painted



with spray paint + high flow acrylic

Abstract Expressionism is an empowering style of artistic expression that involves emphasizing the process of creating a work of art more than the visual effect of the final product. 

This approach to creating a work of art is extremely impactful because it is intended to remove self judgement and overthinking. Instead, the artist is  encouraged to tune in to their thoughts and emotions, and allow what is present within them to guide their creative process. 

In this class, students will be challenged to create intuitively to create a beautiful, multi layered abstract expressionist painting with eco friendly spray paints and high flow acrylic on canvas.


the art of


Reflecting on the beauty of winged moths and butterflies that symbolize transformation in the animal kingdom, at the beginning of this class we will simultaneously reflect on the ways we have transformed in our own lives over the past few years.

I truly believe that every transformation deserves to be celebrated, no matter how big or how small that transformation may be. The more we learn to celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments, we actually become more confident and more likely to do things that inspire growth within ourselves.

Inspired by our own transformation, students will be guided to illustrate a winged creature that symbolizes themselves. Students will then use gouache and metallic paints to add intention and personality to their transformational creature.


inspired by our own inner growth and transformation

IMG_2534 2.jpg

Using natural, organic materials in this class, students will experience how to use earth based elements to create a beautiful work of art. 


In this two part mixed media art project, students will learn how to create three dimensional textures on canvas with palette knives, professional grade modeling paste, and variety of different sands and rocks.

In the second part of this project, students will complete their mixed media paintings with high quality fluid acrylics.


The fluid acrylics will move like colorful rivers that flow in and out of the texture created in the first part of this project.


The final product of this project will unfold a beautiful, multidimensional abstract painting that is truly unique!


natural textures + mixed media art


Artwork by Salventius

single line

inspired by Niels Kiene salventius

Inspired by Niels Kiene Salventius, this class is all about being present in the moment, pushing past fear, and surrendering to creativity.


Salventius creates eccentric works of art with the use of one single line, in which his hand is never taken off the paper or canvas until the work of art is complete.  


“When creating in the moment, the one line brings me focus. It allows me to begin where it feels right and end when it's done. In between everything is pure adventure, just as life itself.” Salventius is a momentalism artist and creator of one-line portraits. Besides using materials such as acrylic and ink, he's also skilled in light-painting, sculpting, ceramics and even VR." 

- Salventius

Inspired by Salventius' unique and inspiring creative process, students will experiment with creating their own one line illustrations of their choice with colorful paint  markers, pencils, and other drawing tools.  

Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 3.52.35 PM.png

Artwork by Caitlin Carney  @caitlincarney_


local artist
Caitlin carney

Caitlin Carney is a California based artist who represents her relationship to the world around her through an abstract lens.


She employs color, light, space, shape and texture to recreate different qualities of light seen in natural landscapes. 

In this class, students will be encouraged to reflect on the colors of their favorite natural landscape, and how experiencing that landscape makes them feel. 

Using high quality acrylic paints, students will have time at the beginning of class to mix their own color palette. 


With an intentionally hand mixed color palette, students will then experiment  layering colors to create an abstract arrangement of memories and emotions. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 3.53.00 PM.png

Artwork by Caitlin Carney  @caitlincarney_