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2024 - 2025


Price Update and Special Offer

Dear Valued Aya Art Co. Customer,

We would like to inform you that our Expressive Arts After School pricing has slightly increased. This is the first time we have adjusted our pricing in the past four years, and this increase reflects higher costs for renting school facilities as well as art materials.

To ease the transition, we are offering our first-ever sale on

Expressive Arts After School classes from May 20th to June 20th.

During this period, all Expressive Arts After School sessions and session bundles will be 15% off.

Use the discount code 'EARLYBIRD24' at checkout to enjoy this offer.

This discount can be stacked on top of the session bundle discounts already in place. Please note, this will be our only sale of Expressive Arts After School classes for the entire school year.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Aya Art Co.

Aya Chabayta
Founder & CEO of Aya Art Co.


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for Grades TK - 8

in San Diego

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Expressive Art Projects
that Empower the Soul

Curious about what type of art projects are offered in our classes? 

Each of our projects are designed to guide students through a unique experience that helps them develop trust, confidence, emotional awareness, and the fearlessness to express themselves freely. 

Check out our
2024 - 2025
Program Guide

Our Program Guide visually outlines the curated projects, themes, and intentions for each academic year. This PDF document is a resource for schools, parents, and educators to better understand what ingredients come together to create the magic of art class with Aya Art Co!

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Creating environments for students to deepen their connection to their individuality, our classrooms are consciously designed to inspire young artists to trust their instincts and claim their creative power while bringing extremely detailed and unique mixed media works of art to life.

Emphasizing innovation, creative problem solving, confidence building, mindfulness, environmental stewardship, and cultural diversity, students explore art practices throughout history, natural sciences, art therapy, and expressionism while experimenting with a large variety of artistic processes and sustainably sourced materials. 

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