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Aya Art Co. is a nonprofit art organization based in Southern California that curates empowering spaces for K - 12  youth to freely create and fully embody their unique, authentic expression.


Creating environments for students to deepen their connection to their individuality, our classrooms are consciously designed to inspire our students to trust their instincts and claim their creative power while bringing extremely detailed and unique mixed media works of art to life.

Emphasizing innovation, creative problem solving, confidence building, mindfulness, environmental stewardship, and cultural diversity, students explore art practices throughout history, natural sciences, art therapy, and expressionism while experimenting with a large variety of artistic processes and sustainably sourced materials. 


Our intention behind this is to not only guide children to develop confidence and a profound sense of self, but to simultaneously help them be more motivated and compassionate young adults who are attentive to the colors of  life that exists around them. 

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I founded Aya Art Co. in 2018 with the intention of creating soul-enhancing, empowering, and safe creative spaces for youth to learn of their power to create infinitely. For my students, art becomes so much more than creating something beautiful to display on a wall. Making art becomes a bridge between our dreams and our ability to manifest those dreams in the world.

Whether you are creating a painting, building a business, redesigning your home, or even transforming the way you naturally think or feel, that ability to dream and visualize something bigger is the medium we use to bring something new into existence. 


I believe that by helping my students trust in their ability to create anything, they will naturally develop skills that allow them to lead their lives with confidence and curiosity. My goal through Aya Art Co. is to contribute to building a world where people are empowered to create, innovate, and unapologetically give their magic back to the world to help make it a better place.

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