We believe that there are far too many people upon the planet and that live through their lives disregarding their inner dreams due to the beliefs that they are unable to attain them. Through our method of teaching and intentional subject matter within our projects, one of our main goals is to help our students sink into the realization that they are truly, whole heartedly capable of crafting the lives they desire and becoming the people they dream of becoming. 


Some  of the methods we use to accomplish

this includes


- Helping our students understand

the power of our thoughts while identifying 

and addressing self limiting beliefs they

may hold. 

- Holding space for our students to fully 

express & own their emotions, thoughts, &

creative instincts, regardless of how "wild",

"weird", or "unusual" that expression may 

look, sound, or feel like. This teaches 

students to completely own their 

authenticity and embody their unique selves


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