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MAri Crespin


Mari Crespin graduated summa cum laude from Denver’s Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. They operated as Artist in Residence for the 40 West Art District in 2019, providing accessible art experiences and workshops to the all-ages community. Mari has shown their work around Colorado and in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Currents New Media Festival. Mari also performs with New Genres Collective, an artist group exploring the vast boundaries between media through collaborative performance, happenings, screenings and exhibitions.

Mari is a multidisciplinary artist whose work defies systems of duality by welcoming nuance. Through a blend of two and three-dimensional mediums, their work emerges as non-linear video installations, performances, and paintings. Aspects of the figure and symbolic narratives create a liminal visual space, which explores shifting connection and  in-between states of being.

View multimedia works on Mari's official website.

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