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Natalie Bessel

Natalie Bessel14.jpg

Natalie Bessell is a painter born and based in San Diego, California. Using acrylics and oils in earth tones on raw natural materials, her art explores the human relationship to nature in all of its complexities. 


In many ways this investigation began when she left her studies at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and began to travel internationally, witnessing different religious art forms, healing practices, and the varying relationships humans have with the Plant and Animal Kingdom. Using a sharp aesthetic and an incredible eye for detail, Bessell weaves a parallel universe with her art. One where the true nature of things does not hide in the shadows but stands unmasked at the altar awaiting sacrifice and tribute. Natalie's art is the Plant and Animal Kingdom of dreams. One of revealing juxtaposition -- where death is very much a part of life, one where we need to kill to live, one where humans have the power to heal as much as they have the power to destroy. 


Now settling down and traveling less, Natalie nurtures and worships the life teeming in her garden and the canyon it overlooks, allowing it to fill her dreams and thus her art. 


Bessell creates pieces that she hopes will encourage people to stay still, to take a moment to breath and worship our connection to the natural world.

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