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Aya Art Co. Waiver of Liability

Do you permit Aya Art Co. permission to use photos or videos of your child and their artwork on social media or website platforms for marketing purposes?

Unless stated otherwise, I give Aya Chabayta and its participating partners the permission to use any pictures, videos, or other media of my child obtained during an event for marketing or promotional uses. 

I understand that it is my child's responsibility to walk to the location after school where Aya Art Company and it's participating partners are hosting programs and/or activities.

I agree I will assume the risk and full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses, or damages, that might occur to my child or other family members while on the premises of the building or participating in any off-site program or activity, and to the maximum extent of the law,

I agree to waive and release any and all claims, suits or related causes of action against Aya Art Company and its participating partners, their owners, officers, employees or agents for injury, loss, death, costs or other damages to me, my heirs or assigns, or third parties for claims, suits, or related causes of action asserted against the child care arising from my conduct and/or my family’s conduct while participating in Aya Art Company's and its participating partners programs and/or activities.

I further agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold Aya Art Company and its participating partners harmless from any liability whatsoever for future claims presented by my child for any injuries, losses or damages.

I understand that in case of a medical emergency, my own personal medical plan will be used if available; if not, medical aid may be sought while I am being contacted. In the event of any illness or injury, I hereby consent to whatever examination, diagnosis, or treatment and the hospital care from a licensed dentist, physician, and/or surgeon as deemed necessary for my child’s safety and welfare. I understand that the resulting expenses will be my responsibility and not Aya Art Company or any affiliates. 

I acknowledge Aya Art Company is an out-of-school program and not a licensed childcare or daycare facility.

Thanks for submitting!

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