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Artwork by Josie Lewis 

inspired by Josie lewis

Gelli plate printing is a versatile and innovative printmaking technique that utilizes a flexible, jelly like printing plate as a surface to create unique and multi-layered monoprints.

This fun and experimental project introduces young artists to the exciting world of printmaking, while also showcasing the use of unconventional materials to create vibrant and multi-layered monoprints.

Inspired by Josie Lewis's approach to gelli plate printing, students will be encouraged to experiment with various materials such as natural objects, textured fabrics, bubble wrap, and found objects to create interesting textures and patterns. Through this process, they will discover the possibilities of combining different colors, shapes, and textures to create visually captivating compositions in a work of art.

 If you would like to witness the magic of gelli plate printing in real time, here is a video that showcases Josie Lewis' gelli plate printing process step by step. 


Artwork by Josie Lewis


Artwork by Mari Crespin -Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 



Inspired by the magic of outer space, students will explore fun facts and unique elements of each planet in our solar system.


Using watercolor paint, colored pencils, and other fun mixed media materials, students will be guided to innovate their own unique planet.

Students will be inspired to create a planet that symbolizes their perception of a perfect planet where world peace exists.

Planet 2.jpg

Using a variety of acrylic paint colors, participants will learn techniques for blending and layering to achieve a seamless gradient effect on canvas. They will be encouraged to experiment with different brush strokes, color combinations, and blending methods, allowing their creativity to guide them in the creation of a vibrant and harmonious gradient.

Once the gradient is achieved and the paint has dried, students will introduce the element of gold leafing to add a touch of luxury and visual contrast to their artwork. They will learn the application techniques for gold leaf, such as using adhesive and delicate handling, to carefully apply the leaf onto selected areas of the canvas. The juxtaposition of the radiant gold against the rich acrylic colors will create a captivating interplay of light, texture, and depth.

Throughout the project, participants will have the opportunity to develop their artistic intuition, experiment with color theory, and refine their skills in blending, layering, and working with mixed media.




Artwork by Mari Crespin -
Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 

This project is all about the magic of our favorite desert dwelling plant species : cacti!


In this intentional drawing class, students will be guided through how to create a beautiful mixed media cactus painting. Students will explore a variety of different works of art featuring cacti for inspiration.  

The intention of this project is to introduce students to the innate resilience of all living things. We will discuss examples of what it means to be resilient as humans, and why this is such an important skill to develop so that we have the strength to bring our dreams into the world



Cactus Final.jpg

Artwork by Mari Crespin -
Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 

Squeegee Painting.jpg

Artwork by Mari Crespin -Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 


In this class, students will explore how to use mini squeegees to create an intentional abstract painting.


The intention of this project is to showcase how to create rhythm and movement into a painting, as well as how to slow down and create mindfully. 

Expressive art forms such as this especially demonstrate that that the process of creating something is often more important than product of what is made.


Through focuses on the process of creating something, we create space to additionally focus on how we feel and experience creating. This not only helps us become more connected to our artwork, but it simultaneously facilitates a stronger connection to our inner selves. 


This project is inspired by positive self visualization, and emphasizes the ability to change our thoughts and self beliefs through expressive art.


Using watercolor paint, markers, colored pencils, and gold leafing to create a mixed media mountain and mountain path illustration, students will be guided through a creative process in which they visualize and connect to their most empowered, creative, free self.

Mountains Final_edited.jpg

 Artwork by Mari Crespin - Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 

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