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This project is all about the magic of our favorite desert dwelling plant species : cacti!


In this intentional drawing class, students will be guided through how to create a beautiful mixed media cactus painting. Students will explore a variety of different works of art featuring cacti for inspiration.  

The intention of this project is to introduce students to the innate resilience of all living things. We will discuss examples of what it means to be resilient as humans, and why this is such an important skill to develop so that we have the strength to bring our dreams into the world



Cactus Final.jpg

Artwork by Mari Crespin -
Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 

Squeegee Painting.jpg

Artwork by Mari Crespin -Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 


In this class, students will explore how to use mini squeegees to create an intentional abstract painting.


The intention of this project is to showcase how to create rhythm and movement into a painting, as well as how to slow down and create mindfully. 

Expressive art forms such as this especially demonstrate that that the process of creating something is often more important than product of what is made.


Through focuses on the process of creating something, we create space to additionally focus on how we feel and experience creating. This not only helps us become more connected to our artwork, but it simultaneously facilitates a stronger connection to our inner selves. 



Artwork by Mari Crespin -Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 



Inspired by the magic of outer space, students will explore fun facts and unique elements of each planet in our solar system.


Using watercolor paint, colored pencils, and other fun mixed media materials, students will be guided to innovate their own unique planet.

Students will be inspired to create a planet that symbolizes their perception of a perfect planet where world peace exists.

Planet 2.jpg


This project is inspired by positive self visualization, and emphasizes the ability to change our thoughts and self beliefs through expressive art.


Using watercolor paint, markers, colored pencils, and gold leafing to create a mixed media mountain and mountain path illustration, students will be guided through a creative process in which they visualize and connect to their most empowered, creative, free self.


Mountains Final_edited.jpg

 Artwork by Mari Crespin - Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 


Artwork by Mari Crespin -Aya Art Co. Graphic Designer & Creative Assistant 

Mixed Media

The intention of this project is to empower students to reflect on their inner landscape. Students will be guided through an exercise that demonstrates how to express a specific emotion, thought, or experience through art.


Using a variety of experimental mixed media materials such as gold leafing, masking tape, watercolor paint, colored pencils, markers, and pastels, we will practice layering different textures, colors, shapes, and lines to create a beautiful abstract painting inspired by a specific memory, emotion, or experience.




A cyanotype is a photographic printing process that allows you to make copies or prints of objects or images in the sunlight through the use of sun sensitive surfaces.  Cyanotypes are the original blue-print, and have been used for creative and technical purposes for decades.


Cyanotypes are typically  colored in blue and white. Areas of the cyanotype paper that are shadowed, turn white,  and areas exposed to the sun turn blue.

Students will use a variety of objects and natural materials such as flowers and leaves to design their own cyanotype!

Cyanotype art example.jpg
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