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Aron Tewele

I’m a mural artist who travels the world bringing beauty to public spaces and telling my story of triumph despite tragedy. My artwork is heavily inspired by community-based work outside of the United States.

What’s prized by one person, might be despised by another. What’s priceless to some, means little to others. What some call vandalism, others see as bold and beautiful expression. What some paint over, others want to frame. Graffiti art’s inherent controversy only fuels my desire to reveal artistically what others may suppress as a way to bring healing.

The process of creating, especially graffiti, is a powerful tool to bring diverse communities together in the face of conflict and social turmoil. Graffiti artists are those who create who dare, dream, fight, question and challenge. Whether it be for rebellion or for necessity, for the past and for the future, for no reason and for vital ones, for themselves and for a greater good, they capture all that is historically significant about this medium.

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