Using hand dyed sand from Pacific Beach in San Diego, CA the artwork above was created by tracing pencil illustrations with glue and sprinkling colored sand onto wood canvases that previously existed as cattle fencing in Montana.


Hand crafting fresh paint composed by grating fruit, vegetables, herbs, and powdered sugar.
(Yes, it is edible!)
Individually crafting personalized, colorful soaps with essential oils, natural butters, and plant based pigments, we learn about the holistic qualities of different plant species around the world. 

Exploring how art can be made with materials harvested directly from the Earth, we hope to plant seeds of environmental stewardship in the hearts of our students while watering the roots of their desire to experiment creatively. 




Sourcing wood from retired barns, libraries, and bridges across the United Sates, our wood canvases are historic and contribute to keeping healthy trees in the ground!   

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