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Art is not only about creating something so beautiful that it is worth displaying on a wall.
Art is about being open to who you are in the moment, and allowing who you are, how you feel, and how you see the world to be authentically communicated to others. 

These projects are inspired by the foundational strengths that allow each fearlessly creative person to bring forth their heart's work into the world. 
Through expressing our most authentic selves through our creativity, we develop a deep understanding of how to bring things into the world that only previously existed as a fragment of our imagination, which to me is a literal example of magic. 

Each of our projects listed below will guide students through a unique experience that helps them develop trust, confidence, emotional awareness, and fearlessness when it comes to expressing themselves freely. 

Disclaimer : Session 1 and session 2 camps will each have their own unique project curriculum. The projects below are SOME of the main projects that will be shared between the two camps. If you have questions about what other projects we might facilitate, don't hesitate to reach out!

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Hydro dipping is an extremely fun art project that involves layering multicolored rings of spray paint on water to create a vibrant, multicolored marbled pattern. Once the desired pattern is created, any type of primed object can be dipped into the water to have the eccentric marbled pattern transferred onto the object!

Students will be able to bring their own objects from home that they would like to hydro dip, and objects will be provided during the class!

We will dip water bottles, miscellaneous objects, and glass jars that will be used as candle vessels for candles we will make during the camp.




Candle making has been such a fulfilling hobby that I took on at the beginning of COVID, and it is a class my students have been continuously asking me to facilitate for them!

Using natural soy wax, cotton wicks, eco friendly fragrance oils, and our own hydro-dipped jars that we will design, we will bring our own unique natural candles to life that are 100% natural, eco friendly, and of AMAZING quality!

At the beginning of this class, students will be guided through a writing exercise in which they will find a single word or phrase that embodies something within themselves or in the world that they desire to see more of. Each student's chosen word will be the name of their candle, which is meant to help continuously affirm their dreams.






inspired by Colin pennock

Inspired by abstract painter Colin Pennock's incredible layering techniques, we will experiment with a similar painting style involving vibrantly colored heavy body acrylic paints, and a variety of palette knives to create a transcendent, colorful, multidimentional work of art.

The intention of this project is trust. Being that this is a multi-step, multi-layered project, students will be guided through what most artists have to practice each time they start a new piece, TRUST! Trust that the diverse colors, layers, shapes of a piece will harmonize, and trust that something beautiful will be created as a result. 



mini painting



D.Elizabeth Studios is a collaboration of two sisters named Laura and Sara who create simple yet extremely profound mini painting series. 

What I love so much about their work is that it is so obvious that both of the artists allowed themselves to let go and just PAINT. 

If we as humans don't practice letting go consistently, it can be very hard to do so when it comes to something we are creating in the world. 

Using the highest quality high flow acrylic paints and small canvases, students will be guided through how to truly let go of judgements, expectations, and limiting self beliefs in their creative process, while creating BEAUTIFUL, raw, and one of a kind paintings.






Acrylic pour painting is an incredibly hypnotizing abstract painting technique that involves simply playing with color and intentional, slow movement. 

What I love most about this painting style is that the end product is ALWAYS uncertain, which makes it a beautiful surprise. 

Using acrylic paints, pouring mediums, and XL canvases, students will be exposed to a modern abstract painting technique that will bring out their most playful, creative self. 

The intention of this project is resilience. Since students will have no idea what their artwork will look like until the very end, this creative experience will teach them how to love their creation for it's process, and not for it's product. 






In this class, students will embrace what it means to literally use their hands to create a work of art!


Using natural clay is one of the most beautiful ways to relax, and tap into a creative flow state. 

Students will use different types of pottery clay to create functional and non functional pieces, and will be exposed to fun techniques that transfer to wheel thrown pottery.

Functional pieces include cups, bowls, pots, and non functional pieces include INCREDIBLE abstract sculpture or realistic sculptural creations students may be called to create. 








As an all time summer camp favorite, 

my students have yet again requested another tie dye class!

To make this tie dye experience stand out from our previously hosted tie dye classes, we will be dyeing more unusual fabrics that include pairs of socks, drawstring backs, face masks, and of course, t-shirts!

Students will learn about where our modern tie dye practices come from, as well as a variety of tying techniques to create truly unique designs!

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