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spring CAMp projects



In our Spring Expressive Art Camps, set in sunny San Diego, young artists are invited to immerse themselves in the world of hands-on artistic expression through an array of unique mediums.

Our camps presents students an opportunity to play with the medium of spray paint, experiment with the printmaking technique of monoprinting, mastering the art of on gelli plates, as well as blend up handmade candles using all-natural soy wax, with the added twist of decorating their own candle vessel with alcohol inks. 


Each day of camp promises a new adventure in tactile creativity. Come prepared to dive fearlessly into these specialized art forms, get your hands a little messy, and ignite your imagination while creating something truly beautiful.

close up.jpg

Artwork by Josie Lewis 

Gelli plate printing is a versatile and innovative printmaking technique that utilizes a flexible, jelly like printing plate as a surface to create unique and multi-layered monoprints.

This fun and experimental project introduces young artists to the exciting world of printmaking. Inspired by Josie Lewis's approach to gelli plate printing, students will be encouraged to experiment with textured prints, stencil patterns, and magazine image transfers.

Through this process, they will discover the possibilities of combining different colors, shapes, and textures to create unique monoprints.

inspired by Josie lewis



Artwork by Josie Lewis 

Mixed Media
layered abstract painting with
Spray Paint

Students craft their own large-scale abstract paintings, employing an array of mixed media materials. Delving into the abstract expressionist process, they will use a combination of spray paint and acrylics to create multi-layered canvases that pulse with color and emotion.


The spray paint provides an edgy, contemporary feel, while the acrylics add depth and movement, allowing each student to build an expressive surface that mirrors their individual style.

The project aims to activate fearless creativity, challenging students to break away from conventional ways of painting through guided instruction and experimentation.


This hands-on experience serves as a powerful vehicle to expand students' perception of their abilities, empowering them to explore new artistic territories with confidence and skill."


Ink Candle Vessels

Students will be captivated by the fluid and expressive process of alcohol ink painting in our Alcohol Ink Candle Vessel Project. They create stunning, one-of-a-kind designs on smooth surfaces, using alcohol inks that swirl and blend in unexpected, yet beautiful ways. Each fluid drop becomes an adventure in color, turning each vessel into a unique work of art.


After transforming their jars into vibrant masterpieces, students complete the project by hand-pouring all-natural soy wax candles into their personalized vessels.


Soy Wax Candle MakinG

Using natural soy wax, cotton wicks, essential oils, and our custom decorated alcohol ink jars, we will bring our own unique natural candles to life that are 100% natural, eco friendly, and of AMAZING quality!

Students are encouraged to infuse a personalized intention into their candle, while they gain hands-on experience creating a luxurious yet functional candle with environmentally conscious ingredients.

IMG_2167 3.jpg



Hydro dipping is an extremely fun art project that involves layering multicolored rings of spray paint on water to create a vibrant, multicolored marbled pattern. Once the desired pattern is created, any type of primed object can be dipped into the water to have the eccentric marbled pattern transferred onto the object!

Students will be able to bring their own objects from home that they would like to hydro dip, and objects will be provided during the class!

We will dip water bottles, miscellaneous objects, and glass jars that will be used as candle vessels for candles we will make during the camp.



In this art project, students will learn how to  blend vibrant acrylic colors seamlessly while adding a touch of opulence with shimmering gold leaf accents.

During this creative journey, students will learn the art of blending acrylic paints to create smooth and mesmerizing gradients on canvas. Students  will have the freedom to choose their  color palette, from serene ocean blues to fiery sunset hues, allowing their imagination to run wild.


With delicate sheets of gold leaf, we'll  add a touch of luxury to our masterpieces. The process of carefully applying gold leaf creates a stunning contrast against the rich acrylic gradients.

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