Tibetan mandalas are an ancient art form that encourge the artist to find inner peace, acceptance, and an overall sense of wellness. I love this art form because of how immersed I naturally become in every step of the creative process, and how healing this more slow, intentional art form truly is.


This kit will come with everything you need to create your own beautiful mandala, which includes a full pre-recorded mandala making art class! Throughout the pre-recorded class, you will be guided step by step through each part of the mandala making process. You will learn how to create complex or simple patterned mandalas, and will also be guided through a nature inspired drawing exercise so that your mandala contains natural elements that are close to your heart. 



Tibetan Inspired Mandalas

  • Alcohol Ink + Mandala Kit :

    Comes with :

    - Two pieces of 9x12 yupo paper

    - Full set of 8 alcohol inks (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, & gold)

    - Paper straws

    - White paint markers 

  • Mandala Kit Contains :

    - A bundle of watercolor paper

    - Black copic markers

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