Sacred geometry is a beautiful art form inspired by the diverse repeating pattens found in all life forms throughout the universe. From the constellations of stars in outer space, spider webs, the arrangement of seeds in a kiwi, to patterns in our brain cells, sacred geometry artists aim to represent the interconnectedness of all existing life in the circular and geometric illustrations they create. 

Although the illustrations above look detailed and somewhat complicated, both works of art were created through drawing the SAME circle over and over and over with the use of a mathematical compass. 

Inspired by life on the universe and this beautiful art form, students will be guided step by step through the process of using a mathematical compass as we fully break down easy sacred geometry symbols for them to learn. 

(I have personally found that when I teach any student of any age how to draw these beautiful symbols with the use of a single circle, they are INCREDIBLY impressed with themselves and feel so accomplished as they appreciate the final product of their artwork. This specific creation style also shows students how something that looks deeply detailed can be EASILY created with simple understanding of shapes and layering techniques + reminds students of their infinite potential to create beautiful things)

Sacred Geometry Symbol Illustrations

  • This Kit Contains :

    - Watercolor Paper

    - A black copic marker

    - A compass drawing tool!

    - A full sacred geometry pre-recorded art class video

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