Press painting is an incredibly fun and experimental art form in which paint is applied to a piece of paper and then folded in half to reveal a symmetrical, textured, and color gradient masterpiece!

I love this art form because of how unpredictable it is. Each time you open up your folded paper what you experience is always a surprise of different colors and textures merging together!

In this class, we will focus our creative intention on the color schemes we utilize in each press painting. For each press painting, students will be encouraged to visualize an emotion, or an experience in their life that they would like to showcase through their placement and arrangement of relevant colors on their piece of paper. 

This mindful, emotional awareness inspired project is intended to create a safe space for students to mindfully and therapeutically feel into the things they experience with full acceptance and understanding. 

Acrylic Press Painting

  • This Kit Contains :

    - Watercolor paper

    - Two 4x4 canvases

    - Pearlescent acrylic paints (16 tubes of beatufiul pearlescent colors!)


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